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Highlight products and features with multiple hotspots.

  • Advertise features
  • Highlight benefits
  • Emphasise strengths

Swipeable image galleries.

Allow users to swipe through multiple images without leaving the page.

Display videos without leaving the page.

Allow users to play video instantly when scanning over hotspots.

Break free from the printed page and unlock a new world of augmented reality with your phone.

  • Load video onto the printed page
  • Share content on social platforms
  • Add clickable links to traditional print

Put your video messages directly in front of consumers.

Transparent video allows videos to play seamlessly in the printed page.

  • Direct Sales
  • Product endorsement
  • Personalised Video
  • Brand ambassadors

View data in a completely new way.

Data doesn't need to be boring.

  • Interactive Data
  • Financial reports
  • View live data

Access content from digital spaces with geolocation.

Create location-based scavenger hunts and attach content to digital spaces.

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Events & activations
  • Tourism & marketing
  • Location-based marketing



Campaign Licence

  • Setup
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Content Hosting
  • Reporting

On average we see an average increase of 300% on engagement and lead-generation when compared to traditional channels.

Media Options

  • Image

    Standard image overlay, hotspots or links


  • Video

    VWR hosted standard video


  • Transparent Video

    VWR hosted transparent video


Flexible pricing available for over 10 augmentations

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